Purpose of this Website and Introduction


To provide stimuli for the fight against the destructive influence, which ideologies in their fundamental and fanatic versions can have on the individual and on society.


Literature on the subject of ideology is numerous and therefore there is a multitude of definitions. A selection of them you will find in the next chapter.

Basically an ideology is a concept of ideas in the fields of politics, economy and philosophy (including theology) providing useful navigation within the respective science. They can turn dangerous however, if interested groups transform them into dogmatic systems while claiming their absolute truth. The dogmas are strongly advertised and force is applied against “non-believers”.

Examples of important ideologies are given, and the dangerous ones are described by their typical qualities. The latter are then named “negative ideologies”. These are perfectly suitable to justify the abuse of power and force. Examples for this are numerous in history and present.

The task is, to establish political and economic conditions, which enable a successful defense against negative ideologies.


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